Lovely Links #2

what do you have planned for your weekend? :) jason and i have decided to take a picnic with us to hampton court on saturday, and i’m so excited to ‘picnic in style’ with a wicker hamper, camembert, polka dot napkins and still lemonade! let’s hope the weather plays ball and we don’t get rained on :) here’s to a happy weekend, and here are some links to what’s caught my eye around the web this week…

if i were ever to get a tattoo, this would be it.

monochrome elegance.

the beautiful meg shows how to work the vintage look!

a stunning embroidered blouse.

a novel way to create a classic french roll up-do.

i’m going to try harder to remember these words.

how lush is this retro print? i’d like to put it up in our kitchen :)

how to create sweet little teacup candles!

nicole’s photography blog is just stunning. her ‘paris in green’ collection is my absolute favourite :)

happy weekend, everyone!
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  • Sparkly Flamingo

    Ah I love Hampton Court :-) we live about a twenty minute drive from there and is so lovely on a nice day! Have a great time x

  • Rachel Linaker

    Meep! I adore that tattoo – I’ve seen pictures like that before. I’m an absolute cat-freak (fact) and definitely want a cat tattoo one day. Such a cute little position behind the ear :)
    Rache @ Live.Food.Love xo

  • WonderfulYou

    Ohh thank you so much lovely!! :D

    Absolutely love the teacup candles, need to make myself a few of

  • aly7

    GAH I need that tattoo:) Haha

  • Connie // Life, lately

    Oof I’d love a little tattoo behind my ear to add to the collection (I’m a dog lover though, sorrryy!) Cx

  • Katie Frank

    Oh wow! I do love this tattoo *_*_*_* ! I also want to have one <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  • danniekate

    i adore that little cat tattoo, so sweet! xx

  • Second Hand Rose

    I love hat tattoo, but that’s gotta hurt! The monochrome look is gorgeous and somismthe blouse and the bun. Those are great words, I think we all need to remember them! XxxX

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