Italy #2

after a couple of days of exploring our local town and soaking up the sunshine in lake garda, my ma and i decided to do some exploring! ma convinced me to take a cable car about a zillion metres up the side of a mountain, and although i did protest loudly from start to finish (i’m not the greatest fan of heights!) the view was totally worth it! it was pretty peaceful up there, what with the sound of the bells round the cows’ necks, blue butterflies flitting about and the clear mountain air. you’d probably still have to pay me good money to go in a cable car again though- that on top of two flights this holiday was too much for this scaredy cat ;)
on our last day in italy, we took a paddle boat up to the very north of the lake to visit the town of riva. riva is much larger and more city-like than other towns round the lake, and was so incredibly airy and pristine. the town squares were full of little market stalls, and had i not already purchased some fancy caramel scented soap i’d have bought the sweet vanilla cat soap pictured below in a heartbeat!
all in all, my holiday with my ma was pretty perfect :) our hotel rooms were right opposite one another, and pottering back and forth between the two whilst we got ready each evening made it feel like we were on a week long sleepover! so, so fun :) thanks, beautiful mum, for an absolutely wonderful week. i love you one hell of a lot!
p.s. in case anyone was worried, jason managed to survive the full week whilst i was away ;) he lived on frozen pizzas, fish fingers and oven chips, and yet still managed to lose weight!? how that’s possible,  i will never understand!
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  • Rachel Linaker

    Men! Always capable of losing weight from eating junk. Had I done that I would’ve ended up about a stone heavier ;) Your holiday sounds perfect lovely – really lovely. The photos look amazing, what camera do you use? I’m in the process of [slowly] saving up for an SLR [may take longer than anticipated!]
    Rache @ Live.Food.Love [xo]

    • RosieB

      tell me about it! when we were redoing the kitchen and had no gas/water/electricity we lived on junk food for days and days on end- i ended up looking like shamu, jase lost half a stone. just brilliant. ;)

      my camera is the canon eos 600d, and i’m super happy with it and would recommend it! it is pricey, but worth every penny so far :) x

  • Hilary

    I’m so jealous! Italy sounds beautiful, you’re so lucky you got to go :)

  • Charlotte

    That dress at the bottom looks absolutely beautiful on you! Very jealous ;)

    Also, I bet he lost weight because he was so lovesick lol x

  • Becca

    Hahah I’m glad Jason survived, Lee also looses weight by accident – very annoying. That palm tree soap looks awesome, as does having a week long Italian sleepover with your mum. I love your dress in the bottom photo as well, where is it from? xxx

    • RosieB

      thanks so much lovely, it was an amazing week! i love the palm tree soap too :) thank you for saying that! it’s actually not a dress though, the top is a swimming costume jase bought me from accessorize in june, and the skirt is from topshop about six months ago! it does look like a dress though doesn’t it? i lived in it all holiday!


  • Lucy

    This is lovely! That dress really suits you too :)

    Makeup for Biochemists


  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    Is it possible that he didn’t lose weight at all? Just trying to make sure you don’t leave him alone again? :-)


    Ahhhh lovely photos! xo

  • jae

    Those are really amazing pictures. Looks like you had a great time!

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