Italy #1

i’m home! my ma and i arrived back in england yesterday afternoon and were greeted by a spetacular thunderstorm that chased us round the m25, complete with claps of thunder and ‘proper’ forks of lightening! it was oh so different from the beautiful sunshine we’d been enjoying for the past week in lake garda where (unless i seriously mistranslated the coach driver’s grumblings) there’s been no rain for two whole months! the lake was just gorgeous, and i’d go again in a heartbeat. mum and i stayed in the little town of malcesine, and found it to be by far the prettiest of all the towns we visited. it was about as quintessentially italian as you can imagine- mazes of winding, cobbled streets, colourful buildings, balconies overflowing with flowers and a gelateria on every corner. 
oh, that gelato…we pretty much ate it twice a day for a week (don’t worry, my diet starts now!) and the yoghurt flavour was my hands down favourite. in fact, i’m determined to find a recipe for it immediately and to start making use of my mum’s still-in-the-box ice cream machine! 

aren’t those just the prettiest soaps? i think they look like tiny cakes! 
round two of the photos from beautiful italia to follow tomorrow. stay tuned, folks…:)
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  • Daisycakes

    I’ve literally just come back from Lake Garda, I stayed in Bardolino which is adorable and beautiful aswell. I think it’s just a bit further down the lake from Malcesine, I’m glad you had a lovely time! I am having serious Gelato withdrawal symptoms!xxx

  • Rachel

    That pizza! mmmm! Looks like you had a really lovely time :) xx

  • Charlotte

    Looks amazing! glad you had a lovely time, though I bet you were glad to see jason and alfie when you got home :) xx

    • RosieB

      i was so happy to see them both! you could tell i’d been gone for a week, the fridge was completely clear of any food (apart from a couple of forgotten shallots) and was instead crammed with beer and cider! ;) xx

  • Becca

    Arhghgh it looks amazing, I want to go to Italy so so so bad. I bet you enjoyed the good old British weather! THE PIZZA LOOKS INCREDIBLE xxx

    • RosieB

      oh my gosh it was so amazing! beef carpaccio, rocket and parmesan on a pizza! best thing ever! it was the best meal i ate whilst i was there! :) xx

  • Tilly-Jayne

    Looks lovely! Me and my mum are planning on going to Italy next year, would you recommend Lake Garda? :) xx

    • RosieB

      i absolutely would recommend lake garda! there’s lots to see and do, beautiful weather, and if you’re up for a bit of a road trip both verona and venice are only a couple of hours away :) i really want to go to rome now to see vatican city, i think it’d be amazing! x

  • Louise

    Fab photos! I love the rainbow pasta! Looking forward to seeing more.

  • The tea-drinking Book Lover

    Wow, it looks incredible. It has rekindled my desire to return to Lake Garda next year, here’s hoping! As long as I can wait that long for the delicious food…
    Oh and I went to Egypt this year where I learnt that they hadn’t had rain for 12 years prior to 2010!

  • Jo

    Lovely pictures. I love those little soaps!

  • Beauty Balm

    Gorgeous photos! Nothing can beat Italian ice cream x

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    Looks beautiful Rosie, I have serious holiday envy! xx

  • Lottie

    we went to lake garda in june and absolutely fell in love with it–so stunning!

    and the ice-cream was amazing!

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