In the spirit of frugality…

i’ve always loved the idea of sitting down on a sunday afternoon, and writing a little list of all the meals i plan to cook during the coming week. it always seems like such a lovely, old fashioned sort of ritual and one that i’m determined to begin :) i wrote this week’s meal plan on sunday evening, and jason and i took it with us to waitrose on bank holiday monday. shopping with a clear idea of the ingredients i needed for the week made the hugest difference to our food bill, and i’m thrilled! i’ve decided that i’m going to share my little meal plans here, both as a way to help me keep to my resolution and to build a little online bank of foodie inspiration!
i’d so love to hear from you too- what’s on your meal plan this week? :)
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  • Charlotte

    I did this for a while and it saved me so much money.. then I got lazy. need to start up on it again! x

  • Linn

    I’m doing the same thing, it’s so helpful. Also, I love that you can make a plan for the leftovers you’ll probably end up with. So far this week, we’ve had Parmesan burgers (vegetarian), grilled vegetables with halloumi cheese, and omelette.

  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    I keep meaning to do this so I know what to buy from the supermarket but I’ve never got round to it. Thanks for the prompt :-) I look forward to reading yours xx

  • Jasmine Brink-Li

    I do this as well! Mainly because I need to eat better and if it’s planned then I actually do it, and it’s always good to save money! :) I cooked up a huge bunch of meals on Sunday (chicken, and chili) and have been eating that for the past week. So good! And so much healthier!

  • Amanda

    It’s such a smart thing to do. I’ve written out my weekly menus before but can’t seem to stick with it! I look forward to seeing yours!

  • Chiara Giatti

    Yesterday I came back home after 2 weeks away from home and I just did food shopping! I always plan to do omelette, home made pizza, meat with veggie, pasta with different kind of sauces and seasonal plates like melon with ham, caprese… then every week I try to do something new and unplanned… so I look in the fridge to see what’s left and I create something! Or I look for a new recipe and try to do it!
    In my blog there are some posts about food recipes, you can see them at for some inspiration ;) they’re really easy.


  • Greta

    I do this every week too! I actually had been thinking about posting about it but I haven’t yet. I usally only plan for 3-4 meals so if something comes up we don’t have a bunch of ingrediants for a meal we aren’t going to make. This week was:
    Monday- Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burrito
    Tuesday- Mushroom Crepes with Cream Sauce
    Wednesday- Chicken Quesadillas

  • Hayley

    The butternut squash soup sounds amazing, please do a post on the recipe :) x

  • Sallytangle

    This is such a fab idea, me and the Mr really struggle with food shopping, we must spend a fortune on being indecisive and buying stuff and not using this. This will mean you’ll only buy what you need too.

    Fab xxxx

  • Rachel Heslop

    I do this, coming up this week we have fish pie, jambolya, Italian chicken with pasta and jacket potatoes :-) not the most adventurous of food, but it’s gotten a bit chilly so I’m cooking comfort food only! It really does help the food bill to be a little more organised and use what you already have as well. Xx

  • Becca

    Oh cute cute cute recipe book! I want it! I look forward to you sharing some culinary delights! I’ve got one but it’s a lot smaller and I’m a freak and the paper is too thin which puts me off it xxx

  • Skinny Shoes

    I do this every week (mostly) – I do it due to being on Slimming World though but it helps in so many other ways. It also makes me feel so much calmer before work if I know I’ve got all my meals planned out.

    Saves money, waste and my waistline. Happy planning :) x

  • Antonella Leone

    love this post is really natural :D

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