How do you take your tea?

it’s no secret that i am a great lover of tea (what english girl isn’t?) and i’ve always been a die-hard fan of traditional tea served with milk and sugar. i don’t think anything can beat a cup of tea made exactly to your taste. jason (a coffee drinker) complains endlessly about how fussy i am, but don’t all tea lovers have their own mini tea-making ritual and can tell in a heartbeat if a cup’s just not quite right? ;) 
recently i’ve been considering branching out from my beloved traditional english tea and trying some more exotic and unusual varieties. isn’t the glassware above just so stunning? i think drinking tea from a beautiful pot and cup like these would just feel so elegant and special. 
tell me, are you a tea drinker? do you prefer traditional english ‘cup and saucer’ tea, or more
aromatic exotic varieties? if anyone has any recommendations for wonderful unusual teas to try, please do send them my way!
links to the lovely tea paraphernalia (clockwise from top left):
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  • Charlotte

    I’m an english breakfast/traditional tea drinker. I have mine with milk and 2 sugars, and I dunk the teabag 3 times before taking it out of the cup. So yeah, I’m definitely pretty particular about the perfect cup haha.. though I’ll happily drink imperfect tea too if someone else has made it ;)

    I tried exotic teas recently but can’t get into them.. apple tea is nice, but things like chamomile just made me feel weird. Plus I felt a bit like I was wasting time that could be spent on a traditional cup of tea, and that’s not cool x

  • Miss H

    Sorry, I hate tea lol! Tried it once as a child and spat it back out!

  • Clare

    I was brought up drinking english traditional tea. I do love it however as I have grown up, I have got into fruit teas and other crazy stuff. I think Whittards is a good place to go for different teas, my favourites are Cranberry & Raspberry and also Dream time tea.

    I have also recently got into green teas, but only if they’ve got an extra flavour to them.
    However, you can’t beat a good old cup of traditional tea.


  • Rachael madeupoflittlethings

    Rosie I LOVE tea! I have my own ritual too, it has to be strong but have plenty of milk so it’s orange coloured, one sugar and has to be in a china cup. It just tastes better that way! I’m fussy about the bag too – Twinings Everyday is the best!

  • Nicola Purkins

    Ah isn’t tea such a part of everyones lives??
    On saturday me and my bf went to a china tea shop on portablello road and were shown a traditional chinese tea ceremony!! It was fascinating!! We got to taste a few varities whilst being taught about the traditions and ways that the chinese drink tea..if you are a tea lover you would love it!!!
    Nic xx

  • Becca

    I’ve been branching out recently as well, I quite like Lady Grey which is quite citrusy and green tea with jasmine goes down a treat. I’m not such a big berry tea fan though, it is a bit like hot squash. Lee gets really wound up when I tell him he hasn’t left my teabag in long enough, he doesn’t understand the need! I would love a clear teapot and I can never resist buying new mugs xxx

  • sasdothat

    I tend to go for what I am in the mood for.
    I grew up drinking traditional tea, but as I am half Irish I could call it traditional Irish tea :p I love having traditional tea for when I’m down, there is something about a cup of tea that just brings people together.

    I would go for something like green tea more in the summer, but I really don’t think you can beat a good cupa any day!

  • Second Hand Rose

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m an English girl and I hate tea, yes I said it! I hate the smell, the taste, everything but apparently I make a great cup of tea, weird isn’t it! I always put the milk in with the tea bag while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. Everyone seems to do it differently! You can get box packs sort of gift sets that contain lots of different teas. My sister has Jasmine which seems pretty nice and smells good! XxxX

  • Tilly

    Ohhh you are a gal after my heart! My mum only permits fairtrade & organic tea in the house but i love it quite strong with two sugars!

    I love fruit teas too though :D when i was travelling last year I brought back loaddsss of different flavours, Turkish apple tea is AMAZING! If you can find it powdered not in tea bags its much nicer. Also dried mint tea from Morroco is dreamy (although it did look like i’d smuggled two bags of weed back in with me hehe >_<) xoxox

  • Lottie

    i love tea and normally tend to go for the traditional breakfast tea, especially first thing in the morning.

    but i do like lady grey; earl grey and recently jasmine tea.

    but fruit teas i just can’t like–i don’t know why they just seem wrong.

  • Laura Liberty

    I love green tea and have an adorable little tea pot with one long straight handle that I brought in Japan, if the tea isn’t made in this teapot I just don’t think it tastes the same. The clear teapot in the pic is cute too!

  • Rosa Rivero

    I am a tea drinker by morning and a coffee drinker by afternoon. I am an earl grey kind of guy but when I cannot take more caffeine I reach for these amazing roiboos tea it’s expensive but oh so worth it

    Rosa (Canada)

  • Soph.

    I’m a traditional tea drinker!! I’m not a huge fan of the exotic stuff!!! Milk, 1 sugar, not too weak or not too strong! ;) xx

  • Rural Life in Town

    I’m a huge tea drinker (coffee sucks!). I was only saying the other day that I’d like to try more teas. I’ve only drunk English Breakfast, Ceylon and Red Bush so far. But I love them all (for different occasions though!). It’s amazing how we can get ourselves ‘stuck in a rut’ with these little things and not branch out! Well done for being brave, I’m with you! Tea drinking is an art!
    P.S. Loving you blog btw.

  • Charlotte

    I drink so much tea but rarely stray from my much loved Yorshire Tea with milk and two sugars. In a mug preferably. Definitely agree that everyone likes their tea a specific way, I automatically judge people if they put their milk in first!
    If you wanted to try something different Twinnings lets you try two tea bags of your choice for free. I got an assam one and another I can’t remember that I need to try :)

  • Linn Lichtermann

    YES! I’m definitely a tea drinker, and I prefer the traditional style, although I’m not afraid to try new things. My favourite is a huge cup of Earl Grey tea, with fresh Ginger in. I need it _E V E R Y_ day.

  • Daisycakes

    Traditional girl, milk and one sugar! The real question is though, which brand?! I’m normally a tetley’s girl but if I’m feeling exotic it’ll be twinings breakfast tea xxx

  • Kelsey

    That teapot is beautiful. I’m currently looking for one to take to uni with me! I’m a traditional tea girl (milk, no sugar!) but I will drink fruit and herbal teas too

    Kelsey xx

  • Beauty Balm

    I love Bellevue Sencha Green Tea – the best green tea I’ve ever tasted!

    I also love Yogi Cinnamon Tea x

  • LouLou in Paris

    Hello! I’m a tea lover but not of the traditional vein : ) I love red, green and white tea especially if they’re flavoured. Mariage Frères is a favourite luxury of mine, but Whittards do some lovely stuff (and such cuuuuute teapots and teacups!) xxx

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