Guest Post: 10 things that made Charlotte happy this week…

1. My pets.
Right now we have an assortment of one extremely temperamental black and white cat, a firestarter of a tabby cat and a gorgeous fluffy rabbit that is so laid back that I sometimes fear he’ll fall over.

2. Rain.
The sun burns me, the wind makes me cold, but rain is easy to fight with an umbrella and is very soothing when I’m indoors reading and it’s beating against my windows. Plus my umbrella has kitty cats on it, and I do love those cats. 

3. Drinking tea.
Mines an english breakfast brew, milk and two sugars please!

4. Etsy shopping.
Have you discovered etsy yet? I resisted it for so long because I’d heard so many good things that I knew I’d end up spending a fortune. And then I decided to stop being so stubborn and just get involved.. I’m running a little short on funds this month because of it.

5. TV programme marathons.
Sometimes it’s nice to stare mindlessly at the TV for hours and hours on end. At the moment I’m rewatching every episode of Buffy on Lovefilm. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see that I have quite a few debates with myself over who my favourite character is. I’m fairly certain that Xander and Anya are my favourite couple, anyway.

6. Scented candles.
I’m obsessed with the glade spiced apple scent right now, and I love Yankee Candle cookie and cupcake scents. And anything vanilla.

7. My mum’s dogs.
She has 6 of them, and I love them a lot. Especially the latest addition, a tiny gremlin eared thing named Ellie.

8. Really good handbags.
You could probably call this a fetish, actually. I have a crazy amount of bags, bags are what I go towards as soon as I step into a shop, I look at them online when I’m bored, I’ve even been known to actually dream about the Mulberry Alexa. Oh, bags. Bags bags bags.

9. Long baths.
After a long day is there anything better than a soak in the tub? I have a pretty big range of radox bubble baths and use a different one depending on how I’m feeling. My favourite is the ‘relax’ lavender scent. Yum.

10. My boyfriend.
I love him, he’s just as sarcastic as I am. Yes, that is possible (cheeky.)

p.s. if you’d like to read more from charlotte on her beautiful blog, click here :)
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  • Second Hand Rose

    Lovely guest post, these are so sweet! Who doesn’t love long baths and scented candles! Especially yummy smelling candles! You’re cat is adorable! I have to physically restrain myself from Etsy too! XxxX

  • Yakatey Yak

    Just found your blog from Rachel’s lovely post :D Your blog is super cute! You have a bunny too!?!! Is there a picture of it somewhere on here?! I have a gorgeous floppy eared bunny who is so funny and clever and she does tricks :P
    I’ll have to feature her more on my blog haha

    Just started my blog really recently at

    Looking forward to reading lots more from you!


  • Yakatey Yak

    I just realised this was a guest blogger post so hi to both Rosie and Charlotte :P x

  • aly7

    Oooh I LOOOOOVE cats & scented candles, haha! :)

  • Makeup And London

    Hello, great blog you have. I’m a new follower, would you like to follow each other?
    I’m also having a giveaway, feel free to enter.


  • dugongsss

    Great guest post! Esty shopping is the best! :)

    Stop by and check out my blog giveaway! :)

  • Charlotte

    This is one of my favourite blogs ;) haha xx

  • Huda

    Aww, what a lovely guest post. She seems like such a sweetheart. I’m going to check her out now!

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