Too much hair, too much time…

so, can you tell i’m finished with university and haven’t begun working full time yet? ;) i decided to fill this lazy old week with a project: learning how to do a couple of new types of braids, and mastering some proper ‘grown up’ hairstyles!
it’s actually been quite a fun little task (time filler!) – i’ve been trawling blogs, pinterest and youtube for inspiration and then playing around to see how certain hairstyles work with my absurdly thick hair
there’s a great styling tip i found where you use a rolled up sock to give body to a chignon, but if i did that with my hair i’m pretty sure it’d look like i had a car tyre on my head! incidentally, when my mum was little my grandma styled her hair with a sock bun every single day, and mum’s had a major bun aversion ever since. 
the links below will take you to pinterest, where you can find lovely pictures and lots of ‘how to’ tutorials for braids and hairstyles that inspired the ones pictured above :) 
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  • Hazel

    As I said on Twitter, I’m extremely jealous that you can do this! I understand your mums aversion, my mum made me get my hair cutted into a bob all through primary school and now I refuse to ever get it cutted like that again!

    • RosieB

      that’s so funny, my mum used to have my hair cut into a bob too, and i hated it! i always was so envious of my next door neighbour, because her hair was so long she could almost sit on it! have you ever had it cut short since then? i thought i could handle it short and had it all cut off last march, and regretted it so so much!

    • Hazel

      The shortest I’ve ever gone since then is just to my shoulders. I liked it the first time I got it but since then I always let my hair grow quite long and when I got it cut I instantly regretted it :(

  • Charlotte

    Ooh your hair looks so pretty!! I always have my hair down and straight or up in a ponytail, I’m so lazy with it. It’s super thick like yours so I don’t have any patience with it! x

    • RosieB

      thanks so much! i think a good ponytail is timeless, i love them :) ah isn’t thick hair such a pain?! but i bet people whose fine hair i admire would rather it be thicker- grass is always greener i guess!


    your hair looks absolutely stunning in these photos; number two is so gorgeous – i’ll definitely have to give it a go, although i’m the most impatient and clumsy girl – might take some time.. :)xo

    • RosieB

      thank you very much! :) ah tell me about it, i’m so impatient too! i’m sure you could do it, maybe have a look on youtube for tutorials? that’s how i learnt the fishtail braid, i’d fiddled for ages before and never managed to do it! just had a look at your blog, love the design and colour scheme! x

  • Zoe

    Rosie look at your beautiful hair !! I love the hairstyles you did especially no1. I love them :)
    Beautiful girl xxx

    • RosieB

      thanks so much zoe, you absolute poppet! :) maybe don’t try them whilst you’re on holiday though, because i wore the twisted braids in crete and burnt my scalp like you wouldn’t believe! x

  • Lizzie Beadon

    Wow. Just wow. You’re a hair fiend! I vote you do some tutorials on these bad boys! I want to learn how to do them :( I, also, have insanely thick hair! Beautiful :)

    • RosieB

      thank you so much! i have been thinking about possibly doing tutorials for a couple of them! i think i’d maybe like to do step-by-step photograph ones, since they’re my favourite way of learning…hmm, this project will take some serious planning! :) lovely to have you visit the blog, thanks!

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