Shall we eat cake?

the waitrose weekend newspaper was my reading material of choice during yesterday’s sunny afternoon, and splashed across the front page was an article entitled ‘let them eat cake.’ who could possibly argue with that?’ i thought! waitrose say that cake is britain’s best loved treat, and conducted a survey to find out the ten cakes best-loved by the british public. but it is precisely this ‘ten best cakes’ list that i am going to argue with! i just can’t imagine who in their right minds would list black forest gateaux as one of the best cakes this country has to offer? and surely we can be more creative than to list two types of fruit cake in one very short list (because let’s be honest, christmas cake is just fruit cake you can get drunk on right?)

waitrose’ list reads as follows:

1. chocolate cake

2. victoria sponge

3. black forest gateaux

4. carrot cake

5. coffee cake

6. battenburg

7. fruit cake

8. christmas cake

9. banana cake

10. angel cake

victoria sponge, carrot, coffee and banana cake i agree wholeheartedly with, but where’s the lemon drizzle cake? the devonshire apple cake, the sticky gingerbread?

right, i thought, we can do better than that! so i’d like to create a new blog series finding, baking and sharing recipes for britain’s favourite cakes as voted for by the wonderful folks of the blogging community. 
i’d love to hear your suggestions for cakes to be included on our list of ‘britain’s best’, so share your thoughts below… 
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  • Sparkly Flamingo

    Such a good idea!! I am a fan of red velvet cupcakes :-) x

  • Charlotte

    Ah I was about to say red velvet too :) only just discovered them and they’re beautiful. I agree about lemon drizzle cake too. Who knew england liked fruit cake so much.. i hate it x

  • Cath

    They asked Grannies. Musta done.

  • Cath

    It’s such an 80s list – isn’t it?

    • Charlotte

      I agree, how many people these days think ‘mmm I love a bit on battenburg’ when asked their favourite cake?

  • Hazel

    Dr Oetker’s all in one chocolate cake mix lol! Yes, it’s cheating but still bloody yummy!

  • Mrs Mulford

    Hi Rosie
    Your blog caught my eye but just to say I sell cakes too and chocolate cake is the no.1 BUT I love lemon drizzle and lemon and poppy seed. Number one requested recipe on my site is the Knickerboker Glory Cake. My most unusual requests are for matcha and lychee cakes. I’m baking a Sunset Cake this weekend but I’m glad to say you won’t find that at Waitorse. More recommended reading would be for you to visit the Caked Crusader who posts more regularly than moi and has lots of lovelies to choose from. Happy Baking!

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