Little Letters #3…

disclaimer: we did not choose the hideous pink carpet pictured here. a little old lady owned our house before us, and had quite a penchant for pink. we’ve not renovated fully yet, hence why parts of our house still look like professor umbridge’s office ;)
dear alfie, you know that i absolutely adore you, from your soggy little nose right to the fluffy tip of your tiny tail. however, we need to make something clear. when i’m laying on the floor in the middle of the living room each morning, it’s not to make myself more accessible to you. it’s because i’m trying to work out, and attempting to do crunches with you dangling from my ponytail is less.than.ideal. so please desist. got it? ;)
dear iphone, you’ve stayed strong for two years now, and have been an absolute trooper despite me dropping you more times than i can count. you’re struggling to keep going now i know, but please please last until apple bring out the iphone 5! i really don’t want to have to upgrade to a silly old 4s!
(and on that note) dear apple, hurry up
dear temper, thanks for staying on my side last week. you’re more controlled than i thought you were!
dear sea salt hair texturising spray (what a mouthful!), when i first used you yesterday morning my hair became so puffy i looked like a ‘jack wills’ kid, circa 2008 (all back combed and with a fringe that starts by your ear). by the evening, my hair had dropped so flat that jason asked if i’d straightened it. is the problem you, or my perpetually noncompliant hair? 
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  • Charlotte

    We rent our house and are stuck with hideous pale purple carpets throughout all of upstairs.. I hate it lol. The hair spray thing sounds annoying, I won’t be trying that

    • RosieB

      ah that must be a nightmare! at least we have the option to change ours! shame we don’t have the crazy amounts of money it’ll take to replace the carpet in every single room of the house, sob! still, at least it’s not patterned or anything too garish!

  • Marika

    lovely cat!!
    Follow my blog on hope you like and join it, you’re always the welcome!!
    kisses and Thank you

  • KB {Tragic and Lovely}

    Thank you for mentioning Professor Umbridge’s office :) Made my day!

    • RosieB

      hehe you are quite welcome! ;) you can so imagine it now though right? it gives a v good impression of what it’s like! honestly, you should have seen our bathroom before we renovated! it used to have pale pink tiles, dark pink carpet (urgh, bathroom carpet!) and a pale pink bathtub, sink and toilet! crazy!

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