Dear Jason…

thank you for sitting with me last night whilst i ummed and ahhed over a really tricky decision. thank you for talking and engaging and giving me your honest opinon, and never once getting bored of chatting. thank you for being so considerate of my feelings. thank you for playing devil’s advocate. thank you for admitting readily when i was right, and for gently helping me to see when i was wrong. thank you for always being on my side. thank you for caring and being excited about my first steps towards a career, even if focusing on it means short term financial loss. thank you placing more importance on my happiness than money. and thank you, a thousand times over, for believing in me.
i adore you, you wonderful man. 

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  • Hazel

    Aww this is really sweet, you’ve got a keeper there Rosie!

  • flabbyface

    Aww bless, nice to read about someone being so happy. I faintly remember being like that with my husband. x

  • Laura Liberty

    just awwww, this brightened my day

  • Emily

    I just read through the ‘Jason’ tag on your blog. You are such a wonderful couple, some of the posts are so beautiful. You are the type of couple I could see me and my boyfriend being friends with in real life, and that’s because you come across so well in your posts, I feel like it’s easy to really get to know you xx

  • erica vee

    nawwwwwwwwwwwwwww x

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