Strolling on a Saturday

 this afternoon, jason and i went for a stroll up at our local country park to feed the ducks. jase must have really enjoyed his pizza last night, because he actually gave up watching his rugby match to go out for our walk! don’t worry though, he had it on record and is glued to it now ;) today was the first sunshiney day we’ve had for at least a week, so it was lovely to get out and enjoy it. i think we’re really lucky to have places like this right on our doorstep. we spotted a mummy moorhen feeding its baby straight from its mouth, and jason would like me to point out that he was the one who managed to get a good photo of it happening! ;) it was a such a lovely, mellow afternoon that i can’t quite believe that it isn’t sunday!
i don’t own sensible walking shoes.
always suave, even when feeding geese!
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  • Taylor Morgan

    Gorgeous pictures! I tried to lay out at the beach and then at central park today and it was cloud and rainy the whole time! :(

  • RosieB

    Thank you! That’s so rubbish, I hate rain! It is just a teeny nice to hear that it’s raining elsewhere, because sometimes it seems like it’s sunny everywhere in the world but England! ;) x

  • Rhema Moses

    beautiful pictures! my fave is of the mummy moorhen feeding its baby! following your blog now :)


    • RosieB

      Thanks v.much for following Rhema! It really was so lovely to watch! :) x

  • Megan Jane

    Aww such lovely pictures! Love the one of the little ducks! xo

  • The Key To Chic

    Love the scenery in these photos. Looks so peaceful and relaxing!


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