Pizza was required.

bbq sauce, chicken, bacon and peppers. mmm:)

jason’s had one of ‘those’ weeks this week. he’s just felt a bit…blue. a bit miserable and forlorn without being able to put his finger on what was wrong. so yesterday evening we rented ‘the inbetweeners movie’ (the most ridiculous, ‘boy humour’-filled film we could find on apple tv!) and i played pizza delivery girl and brought us home some delicious dominos! i even let him choose both pizzas. this sort of thing does not happen regularly. usually we fight over which ‘meaty’ pizza to get, and i usually win because my favourite is totally the best. it was such a lovely cosy sort of evening and seems to have done the trick in cheering jase up. and whilst i felt fairly cheerful already, who doesn’t need a pizza night every once in a while? :) happy weekend, everyone!

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  • Rachel Linaker

    Oh my goodness, I want pizza now. This cannot be possible at 9am.
    Rache, xo

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