Our week in the sun…

it was completely and utterly blissful! we went to the lovely island of crete, right in the centre of the mediterranean sea. thank you jason for a wonderful week of swimming, sunbathing, eating five meals a day, silliness, heart to hearts, drawing pictures with suntan lotion, pitta bread and greek salad, freckles, finding stray cats to feed and pet, icecream, snorkelling, reading trashy books, and lots and lots of laughter :) 
one of the nicest things was that we felt truely happy to come home at the end of the holiday to our little house by the big pond. we’re taking it as a sign that whilst it’s nice to get away, we’re pretty pleased with what we’ve got going on at home, too.
p.s. thank you mama for taking such good care of our little alfie whilst we were away. sorry that he gave you a panic attack by disappearing for an entire evening, and then eventually coming back with a baby mouse in his mouth. i am sure that it was a gift to show that he’d accepted you ;)
here is our holiday, in photographs…

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  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/03803310423261777004 Charlotte

    You’re so pretty :) and I love that you took a photo of a random cat. We’ve been to Gran Canaria a couple of times where there are stray cats everywhere.. I always come home with about 20 snapshots of random cats that I have probably fed and named at some point during the holiday

    If I didn’t have a boyfriend (which seems to be the get out of jail free card) I’d definitely be known as a crazy cat lady

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18187789271621139847 RosieB

      thank you! haha that’s so funny, i am the exact same! i am so obsessed with cats, when we went to crete a couple of years ago we found a little litter of kittens near our hotel, and i brought them breakfast lunch and dinner for 10 days!! there was a teeny one that was the runt of the litter (i named him dipstick because he was black with a white tipped tail) and he was pushed aside by the others, so i fed him up specially and he was all big and strong by the end of our time there!

      you know how most people have ‘handsome’ or ‘funny’ at the top of their potential boyfriend ‘must-have’ list? top of mine was ‘must love cats’!

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