Old photographs

i have fallen in love with this old photograph of my grandad. he gave my grandma this photo of himself when they were newly married, and wrote on it ‘to my darling wife xx’. isn’t it such an old fashioned, romantic thing to do? they were so very much in love, and were blissfully happy in each other’s company every single day, through forty years of marriage.
 i think of my grandma’s wise words of advice about love and relationships at least once each day. we always say that she chose jason for me, because grandma and i were out for lunch when we bumped into jase (who was sort of a friend already) and he stopped for a chat. as soon as he’d left us grandma said, ‘he seemed like a nice boy!’, and then asked me to read her all the text messages we sent to one another through the day :)
every day i try hard to model my relationship with jason on the beautiful example that my grandparents laid out, and always try to keep in mind my grandma’s sweet words…
‘it’s so lovely to be a couple in love’
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