National ‘something’ days

did you know that in america, they recently celebrated national doughnut (or donut!) day? that’s right.
how amazing is that? i was overcome with jealousy when i read all about it here, and it made me wonder why on earth we in the united kingdom don’t create national ‘something’ days in which we can celebrate and indulge the great loves of our country. having said that, i expect we already do have lots of them, but we probably ignore them just as we ignore st george’s day. 
here are some national days that i would make mandatory, if i could.
national ‘apple slices dipped in sugar’ day
national ‘walk around barefoot’ day
national ‘afternoon nap on the sofa’ day
national ‘reread harry potter’ day (or month!)
national ‘hot toast with butter and flaky sea salt’ day
what national ‘something’ days would you create if you were ruler of the land?

p.s. i just found this incredible doughnut recipe from mary quite contrary bakes, and it’s convinced me that i need to invest in a doughnut pan!

image: flickr via pinterest
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  • Jesss

    National McFly day? Maybe that’s just me..
    There should definitely be a National Dip-Everything-In-Tea day though! :D


    • RosieB

      definitely a ‘dip everything in tea’ day! that day could include biting the ends off cadbury’s chocolate fingers, sucking tea through them and then eating them. so. good.

  • Melissa Blake

    I’d love a national musical day where, instead of talking, everyone just burst out in song. Thanks for the link love! :)

  • RosieB

    you’re welcome melissa! and a musical day?! that’s such a good one!!

  • Chelsea

    That donut looks ah-mazing!

  • Rachel Brooks

    I’m all for the Harry potter Day (or month) :)!
    That would be pretty amazing. Your blog is cute and interesting. You may like mine. Check it out at:

  • Stephanie

    UK has Pancake Day!

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