Little letters #2…

dear stomach…i’m sorry for eating so many carbs when bikini-time is so soon. i swear i’ll stop…after one last biscuit.
dear jason’s sister, brother in law, and gorgeous niece and nephew…we can’t wait for you to get here! 
dear sunday roast…you are amazing, and i sort of love that we get to eat you year-round when the weather is this rubbish.
dear mother nature and controller of the weather… is england on your naughty list?
dear bank balance…yep, it’s been one of those months. sorry.
dear alfie… to date, you’ve brought us a dead pigeon, dead mice, living mice, a squished baby bird, and an entire bird’s nest and eggs. consider this a warning- one more ‘present’, and we’re putting a collar on you…with a bell on it!

have a lovely weekend, everyone!
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