In my element.

after our week away, i was so excited yesterday to get back into my own little kitchen and to cook homely, familiar foods. on holiday there was such an abundance of food at every meal that i kind of got sick of it, even though it was all totally delicious. i also sort of feel that (at least for me) so much of the joy of food is tied up in creating it- all the mixing and sharing and kneading and baking. so whilst it’s a treat to eat out once in a while, eating out meal after meal for a week made me miss that vital creative part of the process. 
so yesterday (whilst in the middle of a suitcase unpacking and laundry marathon) i had a sudden urge to make up some bread dough, and decided to just go with it! i made olive oil and salt breadsticks, garlic bread, and pizza bianca, and jason and ate our little feast sat outside in the garden.
in the photo above, i’m wearing my grandma’s sweet little gold and pearl ring. i wear it every single day, and when i’m cooking i always think about all the wonderful food that it’s seen created by my grandma’s hands, and love that now it’s on my hands and part of my kitchen too. it’s like a little piece of grandmotherly love and heritage going into everything i cook, and it makes my heart happy. 
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