this weekend, we celebrated the 21st birthday of my best friend jo! her fabulous spanish family prepared an incredible feast for us (check out that paella in the photos below!) and we ate and ate and ate until we couldn’t eat another bite! oh my, that food…we had chorizo and jamon serrano and potatoes with alioli and dates wrapped in bacon and paella and calamari and eton mess and so much more! it was totally delicious.
it was so lovely to celebrate this beautiful lady’s birthday :) we’ve been friends since we were 14, and have stuck tight together through thick and thin these past seven years. they say that friends are the family that you choose yourself, and if that’s true, then jo is my sister for sure. happy birthday my jo!
my sweet little placecard!

paella cooking away on the stove
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  • Melissa Blake

    Happy birthday to your friend! Looks like a wonderful time!

  • InĂªs de Castro

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  • and so it goes….

    Love these photos. Looks like you had a great time!


  • Hena Tayeb

    how fun.. i miss my friends.. you look really pretty.

    • RosieB

      Thanks Hena :) that’s sad that you miss your friends- have you moved away from home? X

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