Cupboard contentment

i’ve had such a strange feeling recently- are you ready for this?
i don’
i’ve never felt like this…EVER! but it’s actually really nice. i wonder if maybe it’s because i’ve been spending so much time looking at beautiful style blogs online recently? i’ve been finding that style blogs inspire me to make better use of the clothes i already own, rather than making my wardrobe seem inadequate as i find glossy fashion magazines often do. it’s one of the things that i truly love about the internet and style blogs like¬†this one- examples of normal (albeit fabulous!) women demonstrating how they make their wardrobe work for them on a day to day basis.¬†
that’s not to say that i don’t have the odd item in mind that i’d like to buy! i’ve loved my favourite jigsaw stripey top to death and so am itching to replace it with a fresh one- but this feeling of contentment and satisfaction with what i own feels pretty nice, and i’m hoping it lasts all summer :)

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