10 things that’ve made me happy this week…


1. this video, of a man proposing in the most extravagant and charming way imaginable! persevere through the first 55 seconds, i promise it’s worth it!

2. jason, a conversation about mariachi bands and weddings, and dancing in the living room :)

3. alfie attempting to use the tumble dryer full of warm and dry clothes as a cosy sleeping spot. it also filled me with fear that i’m going to ‘tumble’ him by accident, so not an entirely happy one!

4. my friendĀ jo’s birthday gift arriving just in time from america, before she goes off travelling round asia this summer. and she loved it! to see what i bought her, click here!

5. being able to bake lovely treats again because my kitchen aid is finally back!

6. pasta, for being the back-up cupboard staple that never fails.

7. the sound of the rain on the pond.

8. finding my favourite sourdough bread in the supermarket.

9. counting down the days until holiday! only 4 days to go…:)

10. a geeky one, but it made me v happy. cider with rosie has made the first page of google under the search terms ‘cider with rosie blog’! hooray!

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  • Chris Hunt

    Number 10 is a good one, otherwise I would not have found your blog. Suzi told me about it last night!

    • http://www.blogger.com/profile/18187789271621139847 RosieB

      Well hello! Thanks so much for having a read :) i was so excited yesterday when it made the first page! Lovely to hear from you!


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