10 things that’ve made me happy this week


1. alfie being so pleased to have us home, and having him be my little shadow all day long :)

2. a toasted nutella sandwich with fresh orange segments on the side. delish.

3. having our first bbq of the year yesterday evening.

4. pinterest. i just love it, it’s a constant source of inspiration and i’ve learnt about a zillion new hairstyles this week from it!

5. being back in my own bed. is there anything better than your own bed? :)

6. playing with giant bubbles in the garden yesterday with jason’s niece and nephew.

7. cups of twinings english breakfast tea with half a teaspoon of sugar and some skimmed milk.

8. bacon sandwiches for dinner.

9. jason and i having a mad dash through the airport on tuesday, with four minutes to get from baggage reclaim to the platform to make our train. we managed it, and we felt like we ‘won’ at travelling that day ;)

10. my car still working after our week away- usually it stops working if i don’t use it for longer than about five days. it’s oh so unreliable, but i love it anyway!

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