Dancing on a Saturday Night

yesterday evening, jason and i went to his aunt and uncle’s fortieth wedding anniversary square dance. i was so apprehensive about the dancing, but it turned out to be so much fun and completely charming! it’s such a great way of getting people to relax and get to know one another at a party, and i’d definitely want to do it again :)
the most charming part of the evening was when the sweetest little seven year old boy walked up to me, ¬†tapped me on the shoulder and said ‘would you like to be my partner in the next dance?’ it was completely adorable and gentlemanly, and it made my day!

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    aw this is really cute, I can’t believe there aren’t any other comments! My aunt and uncle had some sort of dancing like this at their wedding and it was so much fun!! I guess it was square dancing also? barn dancing?… I’m not sure, but it was amazing x

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