A Strawberry Picnic

this evening, jason and i had a strawberry picnic by the pond in front of our house! i popped into the supermarket on my way home from work looking for some lovely english strawberries, and ended up buying these sweet sundae bowls as well! i bought two in each colour and am really super pleased with  how bright and sunshiney they are :)

the strawberries were so ripe that we didn’t even need to dip them in the bowl of sugar we brought out with us (but it didn’t go to waste, because i dipped my finger in it instead!)
the perfect berry!

 it was so lovely to spend some quality time with jason this evening. what with juggling work,  rehearsals and time spent with both our families it feels that we’ve barely have any ‘us’ time recently. it seems a strange thing to say, since we live together, but i really do miss him! sitting together in this lovely spot this evening felt pretty idyllic though, and it made me happy :)

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