A Butler Day

yesterday was such a lovely summery day with my beautiful family. my ma, sister, jason and i drove down to sussex to meet my two cousins and (i’m claiming this term after much discussion today) my ‘cousin-in-law’ for pub lunch :) i’d like to introduce the world to my new favourite cider, pictured below…
it seems fitting really to be talking of cider, given the name of my blog! it really is delicious, and knocks  even my beloved kopparberg out of the park! this will definitely be my drink of summer two thousand and twelve, if not beyond!
 oh, and this baked camembert, be still my heart! it tasted totally divine, fairly mild for a camembert but punchy enough that my cheese-snob boyfriend with bonafide french blood in him still enjoyed it a lot!
it’s always so lovely to spend time with my cousins. we spent so much time together when we were little at my first home in windlesham, and yesterday my ma had dug out a load of old photos of us playing together, and man did we rock some amazing patterned leggings and retro top knot hairstyles?! we used to go to the woods near our house and make giant ‘art attacks’ on the forest floor, which obviously we thought was just the best game ever ;) i hope i’m as inventive as my ma was when i have my own children!
three mini artists creating an owl sculpture!

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