10 things that’ve made me happy this week…


i know that technically i’m a day early with this post, but it feels like my week ends today because at 10pm this evening (after our last performance of our play) i’ll be done with university until september! i’m happy and sad all at the same time- after show blues are always such a killer! so here are 10 happy things on my pretend friday…

1. blowing bubbles in the garden yesterday with university friends!

2. waking up to find alfie curled up by my feet in bed.

3. having a month off between university finishing and starting work full time. i’m praying that the nice weather stays through june!

4. hearing noises from the duckhouse on the pond, and hoping that there is a mama duck on a nest inside.

5. icecream

6. running around campus barefoot.

7. my summer holiday with jason finally being booked! crete, here we come!

8. photographs.

9. my family, as always.

10. putting these words into practise, and noticing the benefits.

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