World of Wynne blog is such a charming blog. I ‘met’ Hanna online a good few months ago now, and have loved following along with her and her blog ever since the first moment I read it. There’s something so beautifully serene about Hanna’s photographs and the way in which she writes her posts- it’s all so very unassuming, and always leaves me wanting more. And I’m so excited to help you get acquainted with it! Hanna took time out over the past few days to answer some of my nosiest questions, so now without further ado, let me introduce you to World of Wynne!

1. What’s been the best thing you’ve learnt or discovered about yourself and about blogging in general, since you started writing World of Wynne?

I have learned that ultimately, it is never too late to take on a new hobby or discover a new passion. Not only has blogging become such a big part of my life, but baking and photography have as well. I had never really baked or photographed anything before starting my blog, which is so weird to think about considering how much I love to do both. These new pastimes have not only become an integral part of my life and how I live it, but they have also become part of my identity.

2. What three words would you use to sum up your blog?

Dogs, blooms, baking.


3. What do you find is your biggest source of creative inspiration? Is there anything that always makes you rush to your laptop/camera?

I am inspired by so many things that it’s difficult to pinpoint my biggest source of creative inspiration. Nature is a big one though. Art and film, too. Any time I visit a museum or see an amazing film, I find myself brimming with excitement and inspiration. Also, I find architecture to be very inspiring, as well as old things – things that have character and a past.

4. Do you have a favourite kind of post to write? :) And what do you find comes easier, the words, or the pictures? (I absolutely love your photographs! They have such beautiful quality.)

Thank you so much! I am a very visual person so the pictures definitely come easier than the words. At times I find myself becoming overwhelmed when I have to write an entry; I find the task at times a bit daunting. It’s undoubtedly easier for me to communicate with pictures, as opposed to words. I did so much writing in college and graduate school and it left me really dreading it, so I definitely would like to try and be open and willing to write more. At this point I would have to say that baking posts are my preferred posts to compose. My baking posts are picture laden (typically there are very few words) so they are very easy to create, and they are incredibly satisfying and delicious to put together, too!


5. Let’s talk about love! How long have you and your husband been married? What are his best qualities-and what would he say yours are, do you think?

My husband, Alex, and I have been together for six years, and just celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past June! He is my best friend, and the greatest person I have ever met. He is kind and caring, and he accepts me for who I am (which apparently is a complete weirdo). I think Alex would say that my best qualities are that I am compassionate, considerate and headstrong. And what we love most about one another is definitely each other’s sense of humor. At the end of the day we are just a couple of oddballs who love to make each other laugh.


6. What’re the very best things about your hometown? Any hot spots you’d recommend a tourist visit? :) 

I live in a very quaint and rural suburb of New York City located just about an hour north of Manhattan. I love my town’s quiet and bucolic setting, which at times feels as if it’s worlds apart from the city, and yet it is actually only a train ride away. Just up the road from us is Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish, one of our most beloved restaurants, and also the location of our engagement party. There are also a couple of orchards nearby – Harvest Moon and Salinger’s – which we visit when we are in dire need of cider doughnuts (which is a lot). We also live close to the Hammond Museum, which has a Japanese stroll garden and is definitely worth a visit. 

7. What’re your favourite things to eat? Are you a sweet, or a savoury girl?  

I am always in the mood for sushi. And guacamole. And anything involving bread. Bread is the best! But I also have an intense sweet tooth and can never pass up dessert. So I might have to say that I’m a sweet girl since dessert is my most beloved part of a meal.


8. Lastly, let’s play desert island discs! If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you bring with you? You can choose two books, two albums, ingredients to make two meals, and one luxury item! 

For my two books I would have to bring To Kill a Mockingbird (I love love love this book) and a Nancy Drew mystery (I grew up reading the series, and will forever adore those books!). For music, if I am going to be on a desert island, I would feel obligated to bring some Bob Marley, and I would also have to bring the soundtrack to West Side Story to sing and dance along to. For my two meals I would choose brioche French toast with maple syrup & mixed berry compote, and goat cheese, arugula & caramelized onion pizza. And finally, for my one luxury item, I would need a large, cozy cashmere blanket for stargazing.

** Thank you so much lovely Hanna! Click through to World of Wynne for a read of Hanna’s beautiful posts, and don’t forget to follow along via Bloglovin‘! **

p.s. If you’d like to see your own blog featured here on Cider with Rosie, click through to the Sponsor page and book up an advert! Now taking advance booking for early 2015 for the Ultimate Advertising package!

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A round-up of all that’s caught my eye, as well as my imagination, during the past month…

1 :: a rustic, golden pastry-topped pie.
2 :: the prettiest double-knot pony tail.
3 :: grey skies over the Houses of Parliament.
4 :: white bean + courgette burgers.
5 :: winged liner + dark berry lips.
6 :: the most perfect navy sofa {and plenty of natural light}.
7 :: masculine winter tailoring.
8 :: avocado toast with cashew cream.
9 :: soft, washed-out denim.
10 :: mountains + glassy lakes.
11 :: chocolate refrigerator cake.
12 :: coffee-brewing {and lumberjack shirts}.

Credits can by found by clicking on the linked numbers above. Follow along with Cider with Rosie on Pinterest for more!

p.s. Happy 1st of September! Autumn is here, and I couldn’t be happier!


12 thoughts on “{Pinned} in August.

  1. Siobhan

    Gorgeous images! I’m so excited for Autumn, baking pies, cosy walks wrapped up in scarves and cups of tea on the sofa. September is my favourite month of the year. Have a lovely week! xx


    The double-knot pony tail looks so cute and attractive. I will try this hairstyle next time. Thanks for sharing ^^

  3. Holly

    Love this idea for a post. :) The chocolate refrigerator cake looks incredible and actually quite simple to make. I’d love to give it ago some time.

  4. Fi

    Oh wow that refrigerator cake. Could it look more heavenly? Also you’ve definitely found my new sofa. What a gorgeous colour. Thanks for sharing! Fi x

  5. Chiara

    I’m equally happy autumn has arrived – it’s definitely my favourite season! I’ll have to make those courgette and bean burgers, they sound absolutely delicious!

  6. Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    2. I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to do that!
    5. This is so pretty. I don’t even know how to use makeup, but when I do, I’m gonna do that.
    7. I love layers!!! Coats are my weakness.
    8. Yes, yes, yes! Unfortunately my college dining hall doesn’t have avocados, but I’ll be on the look out for them at farmers markets.

    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  7. idilmusse

    Happy autumn to you too. I know you were looking forward to autum/winter.


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If there’s one thing that can be said for this week, it’s that it’s been a productive one. Teddy has been walked many a mile (on Tuesday in weather so rainy that I actually had to go out and buy new trousers, since I was spending the day working in Jason’s studio and didn’t fancy having my jeans plastered to my legs all day), the house has been freshened up, and I’ve got my head firmly back into the swing of things after a slowed-down couple of weeks. It’s been a good one! Rainy, but good. I hope you’ve had a great one too! This weekend we’re looking forward to a trip to Covent Garden, and cooking and eating plenty of delicious things. Maybe another blackberry and apple crumble. There’s always room for crumble. Here’s to happy things!

1. Having a massive three hour intensive tidy-up of our spare bedroom yesterday, whilst turning it into an organised and useful home office space. What was supposed to be a half hour sort-out of the desk drawers turned into a mega blitz, which resulted in two bags of rubbish thrown in the bin, one bag of clothes for charity and another for my sister, and me having a lovely peaceful office space to work in. A winner all round!

2. Wearing LAYERS! Oh boy, have I missed layering!

3. The kind fiancé who went through the massive hassle this week of switching over to a different computer so that I could have his laptop, after mine exploded (literally!). It’s been a giant palaver for him, and I’m very grateful.

4. Talking wedding hair at the hairdressers on Thursday. I cannot WAIT to go for a hair-trial! Eeep! (Also speaking of weddings, think we found our photographer this week. His work is to die for!)

5. Essie’s Bahama Mama polish on my fingernails. Forever my favourite autumn nail colour.

6. Sampling Uzuma green juices! I was sent a box earlier this week, and they’re really really great. All cold-pressed (which retains vitamins) high-pressure processed (also ++vitamins), and really tasty. I’m impressed, definitely would recommend.

7. Homemade soda bread rolls with carrot soup for dinner. (Sidenote: soda bread is the bomb. Less than half an hour to make and cook, including prep time. The best!)

8. Finding a huge folder full of family photos (from my Grandma’s 80th birthday) that I thought I’d lost forever when my hard drive crashed last year. I’d totally forgotten that I’d had them printed, and am so very grateful I did.

9. Gabrielle Aplin’s album. It’s the most perfect music to listen to whilst writing, I can’t stop listening to it.

10. Waking up to a bedroom full of cool autumn morning air, and feeling so snug under the duvet. You can’t beat that contrast between cool + warm, if you ask me!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Kate’s words on minimalism || Rachael’s beautiful thoughts on feeling close to her Mum || & Joanna’s 8 tips for a happy marriage (I absolutely adore these, and agree with them wholeheartedly!)

What’s on your happy list for this week? :)


24 thoughts on “10 things that’ve made me happy this week!

  1. Sarah

    Lovely list as always Rosie! So many happy things! I am happy that I have just booked train tickets for two day trips down to London in September and they were super cheap! I am actually giddy with excitement haha! have a great weekend! xx

  2. Meghan

    I am happy that I am back to blogging and that the end of summer here in the northeast is going out on a warm and sunny note! Have a great weekend!

    Meghan xo

  3. Helena

    this is just lovely, I always love reading this posts because it reminds me to appreciate the little things a bit more. I’m actually really enjoying the start of autumn too, I love layering (both with clothes and blankets on my bed!) and soda rolls sound great, I made ciabatta rolls earlier on in the week and they were a massive flop, they didn’t rise and baked terribly:( Have fun at covent garden, its actually my birthday tomorrow!
    Helena / helenaterry.blogspot.co.uk

  4. laura

    I love Gabrielle Aplin, I saw her when she supported John Mayer and I had never heard of her before. She has such a great tone!

  5. Abi

    Lovely post! I feel so much better when I’ve tidied my room haha! Would love to see your hairstyles for the wedding! Abi :)

  6. Cat

    This sounds like such a fantastic week! I’m so happy you guys are seeking an incredible photographer (not that I would expect anything else from you!). All my friends who have gotten married say that’s the #1 thing worth splurging on.


  7. Shannon

    I’ve been listening to Gabrielle Aplin for years now and I’m so glad that more and more people are starting to listen to her music; her voice is incredible!

    Glad the wedding plans are all coming together too, it’s super exciting!

  8. Katie B

    It’s alllllllll about the layers ;) Homemade rolls and soup now on the menu for tomorrow, can’t wait!

  9. Amanda

    Absolutely adore reading your 10 things that have made me happy posts. I completely agree, it’s been such a novelty getting to wear layers, I have loved it. We don’t have soda bread rolls around here but I LOVE LOVE LOVE soda bread so this sounds so yummy. How exciting, wedding prep for you, it’ll be here before you know it x

  10. Mimmi

    I love a good crumble! I had a blackberry one yesterday which was absolutely delicious. The Essie Bahama Mama polish is definitely on my wishlist for this autumn!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  11. Amber

    A big clear out is so cathartic! :) and I also love layering, yay autumn!
    This week my happy list has on it… hot chocolate, snuggey jumpers and watching harry potter special features! :’) x


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If you’re not already acquainted with Spoon cereals, then please consider this post to be your friendly wake up call to the new kids on the breakfast cereal block! I first became aware of Jonny + Annie (Spoon’s founders) when they popped up on my TV screen during an episode of Dragon’s Den a few weeks back. We got talking online not long afterwards, and over the past week I’ve been sampling their range of granolas and mueslis both during bleary-eyed mornings, and as a way of satisfying evening cravings for something sweet.

Jonny & Annie launched Spoon with the intention of reinvigorating breakfast time, and if you asked me, they’ve managed it. The range currently comprises of two granolas (peanut + apple, and cinnamon flavours), fruit + nut muesli, and an ingenious muesli/granola mix. The peanut + apple granola is my favourite, I think, with its flakes of buttery coconut and soft apple chunks and crisp flakes. Divine.

And whilst we’re here, can we just take a brief moment too to admire Spoon’s branding? I think it’s killer. Nothing gets me like a bold sans-serif font.

Cider-with-Rosie-Spoon-granola Spoon-cereals-Cider-with-Rosie-1 Spoon-cereals-Cider-with-Rosie Spoon-cereals-Cider-with-Rosie-2

Learn more about Spoon and shop their range of cereals here, if you’d like! They’re a company to watch, that’s for sure…

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7 thoughts on “Take five with :: Spoon.

  1. Ala Skrakowski

    I’ve never really been into granola but the last two weeks have been a bit of a wake up call. This stuff looks lovely, and I love the sound of the peanut & apple granola. Yum x

  2. Samantha

    That looks delicious! I’ve been on a kick with Granola’s Finest (check out my blog post about the company!) but I’d be willing to branch out. I’m just starting to get into granola so it’s great to hear what kinds other people are talking about. This one sounds great!
    PS I love your photography style!
    ~ Samantha


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