This week can be summarised by the following two words: SPIDERS. EVERYWHERE. I thought autumn was supposed to be the time at which they all head for the nearest open window and get comfy in our spare bedrooms, not in the height of summer? I’m finding the horrid things everywhere in our house these days, and it’s giving me the heeby jeebies. I even found a teeny tiny money spider on the tip of my nose yesterday, when I was at my friend’s house. I don’t know what’s up. Tell me it’s not just my house? This week’s been a good one, aside from my spider phobia being triggered 24/7. This weekend we’re planning to have a BBQ (again, we’re becoming those annoying people who have one every weekend…) this time with my Mum and Godparents, and also celebrate Jason’s brother Joe’s birthday on Saturday- his first since he became a Dad to baby Eddie! We’re looking forward to it! In the meantime, here’s a little list of what’s made me most happy this week…

1. The relief of spotting the fourth little duckling scoot on over to join its Ma and brothers and sisters, after we’ve had a mini panic that it’s been stolen by one of the neighbourhood cats! We scared off a fox from getting too close to them all the other night, too. It’s a tough ol’ job you know, being Protectors Of The Ducklings! ;)

2. The chocolate peanut butter fudge bite I sampled at Selfridges on Wednesday. It was one of those mouthfuls of food where you think, whilst eating it, ‘I don’t want this to be over yet’. Oh boy. Seriously amazing!

3. Wednesday evening in London. I took a cab over the river from the Houses of Parliament at sunset, and it was just beautiful.

4. Freckles on the backs of my hands. They’re the sign that it really is summer!

5. Golden hour sunlight. I miss it so much in winter, so am savouring every drop we’re getting right now!

6. Emily’s Fruit Crisps! I’ve been sampling them all this week, and they’re really really delicious! Perfect summer snacking.

7. The brief, two minute breakfast Jason and I ate together whilst perched on the edge of our bed yesterday morning. I brought up bowls of yoghurt + fruit + granola, and we ate them quickly together before getting on with our morning routines. It was a nice pause, in an otherwise hectic week.

8. Lunches of thickly sliced vine tomatoes on rye bread, with plenty of salt and basil. So tasty, I start thinking about eating it at around 11am ;)

9. Feeling of confidence, and empowerment.

10. Using my married initials for the first time! I had a little keychain monogrammed at an event this week, and decided to have my married initials put on it instead of my current ones. Cheeky really, but it made me so excited!

Three posts I’ve loved reading this week :: Tania’s healthy blueberry pancake recipe || Erin’s five things || + Sonia’s beautifully simple post.

What’s made you happy this week? :)


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When I was younger, road trips were definitely *not* my idea of a good time. I have painfully vivid memories of my sister and I throwing punches at each other across the middle seat in the back of the car when we were kids and driving down to the South of France, whilst my Mum attempted to mediate from the front. Ahh. Those were the days! ;) But really, who takes a stroppy 13 year old and an irritating 5 year old on a two day car journey and expects them *not* to try and kill each other at least once, right? We actually argued and bickered and fought so hard on that journey that I took a post-holiday holiday when we got back, and went to stay at my Auntie’s house to decompress!

But these days, now that I’m a fully functioning adult and not a hormonal, pre-pubescent walking ball of rage, car journeys are actually enjoyable again! I actually really look forward to the prospect of road trips with Jason- his Dad and Stepmum used to live about three hours North of us and now live an hour and a half South, so we’ve taken a fair few hefty road trips in the past almost-five-years going to visit them both. We bring a big ol’ pile of snackfoods with us into the car, stop off for coffee on the way, and listen to old albums that take us right back to when we first started dating. It’s always a good time! Recently Enterprise got in touch and asked if I’d be up for sharing a few of my road trip essentials here on Cider with Rosie, and since I think Jason and I have become pretty good at road trippin’ over the past few years, I said yes! So here goes!

A comfy jumper ::
Jason and I can never agree on what temperature the car should be- thank goodness for climate control, right?! Having a jumper on hand is always an essential for me, to be worn when it’s frosty, and used as a pillow when it’s not.

Sunglasses ::
Nothing worse than forgetting your sunnies, and having to do the awkward sun visor angling-dance all journey long!

iPhone (to be used as a sat nav, & also iPod) ::
If I happen to be the driver on said road trip (and am sans the human sat nav that is my fiancé) then I need my phone to act as direction-provider throughout the whole journey. My sense of direction is notoriously poor, and my phone has saved me from taking another trip the wrong way round the m25 on more than one occasion. Also, on the odd occasion Jason and I just can’t agree on what CD to listen to (Taylor Swift is pretty divisive for us), I’ll plug some headphones into my phone and settle down to listen to a few chapters of my Harry Potter audiobook whilst we drive. It’s pretty peaceful :)

Approximately 5 million kirby grips ::
Ahh, long hair problems number 851. Long hair + open windows/air conditioning = stressful wispiness. I like pin it all up pretty much the second I get into the car, and so keep a stash of kirby grips in my handbag and in the little side pockets of my car for just such emergencies.

Haribo ::
I like to think Jason and I eat a pretty healthy diet most of the time. We try and get our five a day, you know? But when we’re on a long car journey- the rulebook gets thrown out the window, and it’s game time. I’m talking Haribo, Percy Pigs by the handful (we don’t even eat the ears first! I know!) cheese balls (hello Honey Boo Boo) and sometimes, on the odd occasion, a Krispy Kreme each too! ‘Unsupervised child at a birthday party’ is how I’d describe it, and we’re not even sorry. It’s tradition, okay? ;)

Lip balm & hand cream ::
Air conditioning dries out my skin quick as a flash, so I’m pretty evangelical about keeping lip balm and hand cream on hand to sort things out. Lush’ Honey Trap lip balm has been my favourite for a good couple of years now, and Crabtree + Evelyn’s hand creams are really moisturing and fast-absorbing.

Coffee ::
Grande vanilla lattes times two, please.

A pen ::
It’s never a bad idea to leave home with a pen, right? Right.


And now I want to go on a road trip! It’s our anniversary (five years!) next month, so maybe we should take a little road trip together with Teddy for the day? Enterprise are also being completely awesome, and offering the chance for two people to win a £1000 road trip of their choice! To enter, just snap a photo of your own road trip essentials and use the hashtag #openroadessentials to share it via Instagram and/or Twitter! Enterprise will be featuring the best entries on their competition site, and then will pick two overall winners who’ll get to go on a £1000 road trip! Amazing!

So tell me, what’re your essentials for bringing along on a road trip? Do we share any similar ones?

** This post was sponsored by Enterprise! Thanks for your support!

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15 thoughts on “Road trip essentials!

  1. sammie

    When I moved in with my (now-)husband, it meant moving 250 miles away from my parents and the rest of my family – so we try to make a couple of trips a year back ‘home’ to see them. It’s a long old journey so there are a lot of essentials – I think you covered the bulk of them in your post, though! I definitely agree regarding snack foods: all healthy eating rules are most definitely left behind when it comes to car journeys! We usually have tortilla chips or salt & vinegar twirls by the skip-load as well as some skittles or haribo and a LOT of drink (my husband is that guy who is ALWAYS thirsty and could down about four pints of water… and still need more) – and of course, it has to sit in my footwell so I can get to it all! Squashed feet are a roadtrip tradition!

  2. Ala Skrakowski

    Sweets and snacks in the car are a MUST! When we were younger my dad always used to have a bag of wine gums in the car and we always used to see who could suck theirs for the longest and get it as thin as possible! Good times!

    Love a good road trip, we don’t have a car at the moment as we live in zone 2 but we’re looking into saving up for one so it’ll make getting out of London much easier so that we can get away every now and again! Also, it’s our 5 year anniversary next month too yippeeeee! x

  3. PinkCatJo

    I completely agree with a jumper. I can never find the right temperature in the car. We’ve got a 10 hour road trip ahead of us when we drive from London to Ullapool and back again for our Outer Hebrides holiday – slightly nervous at being in a confined space for so long. We’ll need lots of treats and good music! x

  4. Rosie

    I laughed so hard when you said you didn’t even eat the ears first!!! Ah, we’re off on a road trip to Womad festival tonight, but don’t think it’ll be such a comfy one as 5 of us are squeezing in the car!

    Rosie xx

  5. Cat

    You don’t eat the ears of Percy Pigs first?! Utter, utter madness. I’d say my road trip essentials are probably pretty similar to yours – although I tend to just tie my hair back with a hair tie. I think I’d add to this list some ear plugs if I need a snooze and Liam wants to listen to music, as well as some crisps or any other savoury snack if the trip is particularly long! x

  6. Kezia

    I love a good road trip – i vole listening to an audio book on the ones that last a really long time…

  7. arielle

    okay, so reading this post, I totally had an epiphany moment. maybe this should have been obvious, but I was wondering why my skin was always so dry after a road trip. where have I been? duh, it’s the a/c. I guess I really needed this post, rosie! thanks for sharing.

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  8. Chelsea

    Just found your blog today and love it! Can’t wait to read thru. I just started blogging a month ago, and it’s definately not as easy as you all make it look, but lots of fun! Anyway, yes I have four littles and am already dreading our drive to the beach next month,but in actuality they do better then I do, im a complete mess on long journeys!


  9. Kerri

    Sweets are always a good choice. I like to take my book too so I have something to read as the passenger. If I’m the driver I just like someone or something to direct me that’s all :)

  10. Jess

    We always used to roadtrip to France as kids (3 kids squashed like sardines in the back!!), and I’m pretty sure that the Harry Potter audiobooks were all that kept us sane (even if we had heard them a million times before)! J x
    That Girl In The Attic

  11. Rekha Monger

    Jumpers and sunnies are absolute must for my road trips. My parents live 2 hour and half drive from me so over the weekends and long holidays my brother and I take road trips to see them. We take turns driving and do a little stops on the way for freshly roasted corns and garden fresh.

    But now I will miss it ’cause he will be travelling away soon for another three years. Sigh!


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I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans for a good few years now. I’m kind of a tough customer, in the ol’ black skinnies market ;) I like them to be soft but fitted, with a neatly tapered ankle and a smooth black wash. Bunching round the ankle is a mega no-no in my book. I’m annoyingly right on the cusp of ‘petite’ and ‘regular’ fit jeans (5ft 3” + a 1/2 which means that petite cuts are too short, and regular far too long) jeans are often an awkward fit on me. I’ve tried Topshop, H&M, Zara- and there’s almost always something just a little off about them.

This pair from Hobbs NW3 line, though? They tick every box! They’re a gorgeous mid-rise, are so soft you almost feel as though you’re wearing leggings, and as for ruching and bunching round the ankles? Not a jot! Hurrah! I do have to reverse cuff them by about an inch or so , but they sit so smooth and neat you’d never know. Double hurrah! Let’s talk briefly too about that shirt, because this is maybe the second post in a row where I’ve been wearing it, and I’m not even sorry. I’d intended to buy it online, but then decided to pick it up in store when I was in London the week before last. And I’m so happy I did, because in store it’d been marked down by 50% so was a total steal at 15 pounds! Good old GAP. It’s quickly becoming my new favourite thing to wear.

Hobbs-skinny-jeans   Cider-with-Rosie-NW3-skinny-jeans

We’ve never done a ‘his + her’ style post before, but when Jason and I popped out to take these photos of what I’m calling the Holy Grail of black skinny jeans the other evening, my fiancé looked so handsome and sharp I persuaded him to take a turn in front of the lens instead of behind it! Can you even believe that these photos were taken after Jason had done a 9 hour working day, AND had been to the gym in the morning too? I wish I knew what his secret was to looking fresh as a daisy at the end of the day. My appearance begins dishevelling from the moment I shut the front door behind me in the morning…;) (Oh and also, it was a happy day for me when Jason realised he needed glasses. Oh boy. I think he looks pretty handsome in them!)

Jason-Cider-with-Rosie-London-Retro London-Retro-glasses Jason-Cider-with-Rosie

L I N K S ::

Oxford shirt :: French Connection
Light wash jeans :: Levi’s
Suede brogues (with pink laces!) :: Bertie
Westminster glasses :: London Retro at Glasses Direct (who offer a completely awesome free home trial!)

Chambray shirt :: GAP
Black skinny jeans :: ℅ NW3 by Hobbs
Birkenstocks Arizonas 

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16 thoughts on “W O R N :: him & me.

  1. PinkCatJo

    We’ve now got a dresscode at work which states no jeans but we’re always hovering as to whether that means just standard denim or any trousers jean-cut. These look great though and think they would just about pass the headteacher’s approval. I’ll have to go and hunt them out. Thanks for sharing! x

  2. Flora

    Corrrrrr you two are a good looking couple!! I wish I looked as fresh as Jason after a long day. You made me chuckle when you said you start to look disheveled as soon as you’ve closed the front door – join the club! I get out the car after driving to work and feel like I need to start all over again.

    I love the jeans and the shirt Rosie – you look great. I found some really good black skinnies recently. I’m 4ft 11 so believe it or not, petite is actually a good few inches too LONG for me, still! I bought a pair of black skinny jeggings from ASOS in their petite section, and found that they’re thick enough and smart enough for work. In fact I like them so much I bought two pairs…!

    Get Jason in glasses more often – phwoar!
    Hope you’re well, miss.

    Flora xxx

  3. Menekse

    Oo Jason really suits his specs! My husband recently got an awesome pair of Speedo ones that make him look super sharp. Stubble + nice glasses on a dude = thumbs up.

    You look lovely, as always :)

  4. Sarah

    You two make such a stylish couple! I suffer from the same problem of my appearance dishevelling as soon as I step out of the front door, so if you find out Jason’s secret please let me know :) And hurrah for finding your perfect pair of jeans x

  5. Maria @ A bookworm's life

    Have you tried Uniqlo jeans Rosie? I’ve found my perfect black skinnies there, I’m on my third pair!
    They offer free hemming too, so you can get your pair to be the perfect length for you.


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I decided to take my camera out with me whilst walking yesterday, for no reason other than that it makes me happy. Fiddling around with depth of field, exposure, continuous shooting- all the things that only a year ago I didn’t reeeaaallly know how to use to my advantage- it’s the best! Sometimes the happy accidents are what make the best photos- like the blades of grass blurring out the bottom right hand of the above photo. I’m grateful to those blades of grass, because they create the kind of snazzy effect I would otherwise have had to get Jason to create for me in Photoshop ;)

But hey! This isn’t a post about photography, it’s really just a post about the lovely walk Teddy and I took yesterday morning. These little woods that we walk in are probably my favourite place around here to walk. They seem to change constantly. There’s not a day I visit them where I don’t notice some new carpet of ferns or flowers or moss on the forest floor, or find that a path that only a week ago was an easy one to walk along has become completely overgrown and impassable. That’s kind of what I love about them though, even though some days walking through cobweb after cobweb is pretty stressful. The bluebell carpet right in the middle of the woods died back weeks ago and was taken over by huge, shoulder-high ferns, which then were in turn beaten out by even taller foxgloves. Now the forest feels hot, and verdant, and like it’s right at its peak before it begins its slow fall back into the beautiful richness of autumn.

Foxgloves Ferns Teddy-in-the-forest

^^ That little butt. It melts my heart. I think these woods are Teddy’s favourite place to walk, too. He gets more excited when we arrive here than any other place we walk in, and always seems to be on the scent of something when we’re there. Usually pigeon or squirrels, but I guess maybe deer too. We do see lots of deer there. ^^

We did our usual route yesterday morning (minus the little loop I’ve had to cut out from our walk recently, because the path had become SO cobwebby it was giving me nightmares), and walked for about an hour or so. I try really hard not to look at my phone when I’m out walking, or else Teddy winds up running around my legs like a loon whilst I stand still, distracted, trying to download emails on patchy 3G signal. It’s all part of this ‘switching off’ thing I’ve been trying recently, where I spend a little less time each day plugged into a screen, and try not to allow myself to be distracted by my phone quite so much!

Tall-grass Shadows-on-trees Stacked-logs

Recently I’ve found that there’s been a slight imbalance in the way I spend my time, and I’ve been feeling a little wrung out. Usually I quite like being tired, in a funny sort of way. Back when I was younger and was dancing, I used to relish the way my body felt after a particularly exhausting dance class, where everything would ache and groan and I used to stagger back home with this weird John Wayne-style gait. I quite like the feeling of being exhausted come bedtime each evening, even when there’s a pile of washing up to do and another half hour of work to get finished before I can hit the hay. Weirdly those moments make me feel sort of…alive. I don’t know how else to put it other than like that! I guess it’s a hard feeling to describe, but it’s one I kind of like.

But lately it’s been a different kind of tiredness, the type where your head feels foggy and you drop things all the time because your coordination’s off, and you feel drained, as opposed to just plain old tired. I think it’s partly down to last year having been my first year of full-time work after years of academic timetables (god bless those endless school holidays, hey?), to me running my own little business and finding it so hard to switch off from it all at the end of the day, and to also being really really crappy at knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’ and take some actual holiday!

I’d love to know- did you find this during your first year at work after university/college/school? That it was kind of a shock to the system? I’d love to hear too from those of you who run your own businesses- do you have a technique for switching off your mind at the end of the day and at the weekends?

Rosie-summer-walk Pine-trees

So, the resolution that I came to during this happy walk, was that it’s probably time to take a few days off in the new couple of weeks! And I mean proper time off, too. Not the kind of faux time off I usually take, where I still check emails and faff about endlessly on Pinterest and wind up blogging anyway because I really do love it so much! I think it’s a good resolution to have made :)

Aside from all this detailed introspection, Teddy and I spent the rest of the walk soaking in the early morning sunshine, climbing up piles of stacked logs, and jumping right back off again. It was a good one! Then we headed home, I exchanged wellies for flip flops, and Ted flaked out on the living room floor for several hours.

Cider-with-Rosie-Stacked-logs Cider-with-Rosie-summer-walk   Cider-with-Rosie-summer-walk-2

Previous visits to these beautiful woods documented here (in frost), here (in early spring), and here (just one lone photo of this year’s incredible bluebell carpet).

** Chambray shirt is a new favourite from GAP, navy blue shorts are old ones from Hollister, & Hunters are Hunters!

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29 thoughts on “A summer walk in the bluebell woods, even though the bluebells have long since faded.

  1. Jemma

    I’ve recently moved from the country to a bigger city; I really miss all of the little things that the forest can offer and the sheer freedom it brings. I think I’ll be making a trip home soon for no other reason that to enjoy the things I once took for granted.

    Jemma @ Jemma In Words

  2. Ala Skrakowski

    First off, what fab photos! Secondly, I dived straight in from uni to work, I didn’t give myself a break and had to take time off for my graduation day. I wanted to get a head start on other people, which helped, and I definitely don’t regret. I’m now in my second job and loving it but my first year was a complete mix of emotions. The stress of the job, the commute from Reading to London, giving me basically no life during the week and constantly feeling tired and then moving to London and scraping by on my measly salary. Quite different to your situation BUT I still think it’s natural to feel it’s all a bit odd as all we’ve known up until this point has been education! There’s no magic remedy – or at least I haven’t found one but I think a lot of people on here will tell you, you’re doing just fine girl! x

  3. Polly

    I know exactly what you mean. I graduated last year from university, and even though my degree was a very time consuming and demanding one, I miss the flexibility of uni. Getting up everyday at 7am and returning home at 7pm with 3 weeks off in the entire year is utterly exhausting and repetitive! I’m hoping one day I’ll get used to it ha!

    it sounds like you deserve a little break for sure :)

  4. laura

    Oh I understand the tiredness thing. Feeling physically tired from doing something that makes my body work feels amazing. But being mentally exhausted from thousands of things I’m trying to keep track of? It just makes me feel dreadful, so lethargic. It can make me feel very anxious too. To help, I do a few things – at my switchoff point, I write a list of what I need to do. That way I can let it go from my mind without fretting I’ll forget. I try to do something physical to tire my body a little and release some endorphins, and yes I stay away from useless internet browsing. I try to make something, or read something or listen to something instead. It all helps me feel productive and much less bogged down in it all. I hope you find some downtime over these sunny days Rosie

  5. Lisa

    I’ve been working for nearly two years now since I finished my undergraduate studies because I wanted to acutally do real work instead of learning all the time. At first the good parts about working like money, a regular daily routine and the acknowledgement were more present than the far side but somehow with working the time seems to fly by and it is so hard to press the hold button to just breathe, stop for one minute, relax and be joyful about the things I achived. As far as I can tell it is totally normal to feel this other exhaustion but there has to be a balance like walking in the woods, time without a phone, a weekend without looking at your watch and real vacation – time to slow things down.
    Love, Lisa

  6. Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    My friends and I often enjoy walking out to an abandoned field to do some photography, but the grass is all scratchy, nowhere near as lush as the one you go to! I also get what you mean when you say you like feeling tired. Similarly, after an intense training session in the pool, I love the feeling of my muscles burning. (And then taking a nice cold shower and perhaps indulging in some ice cream). My mind has been a bit frazzled lately, and I think it’s because I don’t exercise as much as I used to. I need to get those endorphins pumping! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  7. Jessica Edmunds

    WOW you took some beautiful shots, I wish we had the woods here as I love walking through especially with the dogs. We go to the beach instead so I guess I can’t complain xxx

  8. Hannah

    Your photo’s really are beautiful. Lately I’ve been going on walks too to clear my head, without my phone and sometimes without my iPod too! As for the tiredness, I can definitely relate. Part of me thinks I feel weird when I’m not tired simply because I’m so used to it!

    Hannah xo

  9. Nicola

    I totally found that I was more tired when I started full time work rather than education. Especially when it got to August, because nobody had ever made me do anything in August before! It’s probably more difficult being self-employed, too. When you work for a company they require you to take a certain amount of time off, but there’s nobody to make self-employed people do that…

  10. Ruth

    These photographs are wonderful, nature really is the best subject.

    I’m still getting over post-Uni/fulltime work life, so envious of my sister getting to spend her summer lounging while I sit in my office.

    I guess breaks are key and really switching off, I’m finding I have much more energy in the evenings even if I’m out doing a bit of gardening than slumped in front of my computer blogging.

    Don’t get me wrong, blogging is one of my favourites but recently getting out and DOING the things to blog about rather than the actual blogging is what’s keeping my motor running, bring on the backlog but I’d still rather enjoy the sun.

  11. arielle

    rosie, these photos are gorgeous! they look quintessentially summer-y. and that first year after university…yeah, I felt it, too. not in the own-my-own-business/work-from-home kind of way, but in a this-is-the-real-world/who-do-I-ask-for-instruction? kind of way. I combatted this with lots of little weekend trips to stay sane and to still feel like I could do fun things even though I was a grown up ( sort of ). and shutting off devices definitely helps :) thanks for sharing!

    love, arielle
    a simple elegance

  12. Beccy

    Lovely post and beautiful pictures! My first year out of University was an odd one. I was in a job that I didn’t particularly enjoy, and so being bored, didn’t have any trouble in switching off! My current job however (a few years later!) is very intense, and for a good year, I would be checking my blackberry throughout the weekends, evenings, and holidays, and never switching off. It reached boiling point where I had to say enough was enough, and had to be very strict with myself to have a cut off point and ignore the blackberry. Easier said than done, but I do feel a lot better now. I am about to change jobs though to something less stressful, which I hope will really help!

  13. Ursula

    Beautiful pictures! I am such an overcommitter and I find I love being busy but every once in a while I start to feel drained. Time off is the perfect remedy! I took a week off a while ago and it was so rejuvenating

  14. Anca

    Lovely photos, it looks like a relaxing place to walk the little one.

    As for switching off… I can’t do it. I work from home at my own company and even when we are going in holidays, day trips or walking the dog, I’m always ON. As my husband is my business partner as well, where are talking very often about things that we can improve or new designs. Making handmade jewellery inspired by nature, a walk with the dog can result in a long chat about a new idea. I love what I’m doing and I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Anca @ ancaslifestyle

  15. Juliet

    I totally agree about the tiredness – this is my second year out of uni but the first year where I’ve been working full time the whole way through (it’s been just over 10 months since I started my current job) and the first year where I haven’t had a summer holiday. :( I am certainly finding myself a bit drained right now, and the heat isn’t helping!

  16. Kerri H

    I know the feeling. It’s always a big changed from uni to full time work and I was tired constantly for the first 6 months. Also moving country didn’t help and I was constantly tired from trying to understand all the foreign language around me. Even now, with my job, it’s also one of those that you can work extra hours on at work, bring home with you on the evenings and also on the weekends and even go into work on the weekends too. It’s a flexible job but normally at my expense of over working. It took me about one year to realise that most of the reasons I was unhappy was because of my job and because it was constantly invading my life outside of work. OK, I guess you don’t hate your job, but I think the idea is the same. I just starting saying no. I found other things to distract my time with, like starting a blog and taking up a new hobby, blogging and taking photos. That helped me and my happiness a huge amount.

    I hope you can find a balance that you enjoy!

  17. Mimmi

    Your photos are stunning! I wish I could take photos like you do. I guess what I need is a lot of practice!

    And I know what you mean about that good kind of tired. I enjoy it too, when it happens!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  18. Candy

    I must say, right now in sticky and humid London, I am ever so jealous of your rural setting! And I wonder if I will ever get to the stage where I am planning a couple of days break from blogging because it is my full time job. I sure hope so!

    By the way, your dog-and-log frolics look epic.

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  19. Jess

    This is so reassuring to read! Ive been feeling that same kind of tired lately, and I just couldn’t understand it. But I guess like you I’m just not used to getting that summer break. Balancing blogging, and full time working is a challenge!! Definitely need to make more of an effort to take some time J X

  20. Melissa

    This looks like such a beautiful woods. We have some where we walk our dog near our house but they are nowhere near as pretty as these. So many photo ops!

  21. Jess

    This was so reassuring to read! I’ve been feeling that same kind of tiredness, and I just couldn’t work it out! But I guess I was wasn’t used to not getting that summer break (I graduated last summer too). I definitely need to work on taking time out to rest! Thank you for this Rosie. :) J x
    Oh, and beautiful photography as ever!

  22. Johanna

    Oh Rosie! I feel like I could write a whole blogpost in response to this (and in fact I might). I completely get that kind of tiredness, and it’s not necessarily pleasant. Leaving uni and beginning to work full time has been challenging in completely different ways to how I thought it would be. I miss the flexibility the most I think, but at the same time I’m trying to embrace having a routine more, and making proper time off happen! I hope you feel ‘better’ soon :)

  23. Sallytangle

    Oh Rosie these photos are beyond beautiful!!!! I could just look at them over and over!!! As for your thoughts on switching off, i am sure i’ll never know how to do that. I have completely lost the art of sitting still and always have a little twinge that i could be making better use of my time than sitting doing completely nothing! My Mr is self employed and makes basses for a living and man alive you can not get him to take time off if your life depends on it. We have to actually book something and have it down in writing/email for him to not ‘just pop into work for a couple of hours’ (read:: seven or eight…so yep a normal day!).

    He was recently so tired in fact that he emailed a photo of his tea the night before (where he had made the most DELICIOUS unseasonal meal of celeriac mash and sausages) to a new customer enquiring about his new build! No word of a lie! It made me giggle for so long. So yep we need a little holibob some time soon too. We are thinking possibly of just a few long days up by the coast in Scotland but we’ll see (as per;)

    Why do my comments turn into such a big old and random collection of useless info?! LOVED this darling girl.

    Sal xxxx

  24. Jessie

    love these photos, especially the first one. and I’m still in school at the moment, but even I’ve begun to realize the importance of ‘unplugging’ — something good to keep in mind for the future. :) good luck on your resolution!


  25. Ngoc Lan

    Wow!!! You look so amazing in the bluebell woods. I hope that I will have the chance to see the bluebell wood in my city.

  26. Kenzie Smith

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! We go hiking pretty often and I am always amazed by how beautiful the woods can be. I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else because I love being surrounded by the trees and all of the green.

  27. Tamsin | A Certain Adventure

    I love your chambray shirt, lady! You’re so lucky to have local woods to go and explore. That moss-carpeted clearing complete with gorgeous little dog is like something out of a Disney movie. x


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